We have secured £5.1m from the national productivity investment fund to improve local roads and public transport.

The national productivity investment fund (NPIF) was announced as part of the government's 2016 Autumn statement.

From the NPIF, a total of £185m was allocated to improve local road networks and public transport. It is anticipated that the additional spending will provide a key boost to productivity, transport, digital communications, research and development and housing.

In mid-January 2017 the Department for Transport (DfT) allocated a proportion of the available NPIF funding to Local Transport Authorities. North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) has been allocated £5.104 million to spend on transport schemes in the County. The guidance states that it is a condition of the grant that this allocated money must be spent in 2017/18.

Any of the schemes identified for NPIF funding must be in addition to any planned maintenance or programmes for 2017/18. The schemes identified for NPIF funding must also fulfil one or more of the following outlined objectives:

  • Ease congestion and provide upgrades on  important national, regional and local roads;
  • Unlock economic job creation opportunities;
  • Enable delivery of vital new housing development to meet the needs of a generation of would be home owners.

In order to gather a list of scheme options ideas from each of the Borough / District Councils in North Yorkshire as well as the County Councils own proposals were compiled. A thorough sifting process was carried out to generate the draft programme.

The draft programme of schemes is outlined below. The finalised programme and scheme list will be confirmed in May 2017.



Maximum allocation  (k)

Scarborough Package

A package of works for Scarborough was developed which includes the following aspects of work;

  • Town Centre highway maintenance and refurbishment, improvements to the public realm will encourage access to this heritage rich part of town, refurbishment will include Westbrough, Eastbrough and Newbrough;
  • Sign Replacement and Renewal;
  • Improvements at the B&M retail store junction;
  • Resurfacing of Scarborough's main North Bay promenade (Royal Albert Drive / Marine Drive);


Ings Lane, Kirbymoorside



  • Provide an upgrade to Ings Lane to remove barriers to growth and unlock job creation opportunities for two advance engineering employers in Ryedale.  The scheme will incorporate a package of upgrades to the existing road including;
  • Slight narrowing of the roundabout with A170;
  • Narrowing of kerb line to allow easier HGV turning movements;
  • Localised widening, strengthening and edge reinforcement on Ings Lane.

up to £475,000

Skipton Town Centre Access Roads  - Resurfacing

Resurfacing of a number of key roads in Skipton, including Broughton Road, Gargrave Road, and Carleton Road. The resurfacing on these roads could lead to a number of positive contributions to the outlined criteria.

up to £475,000

A1(M) A59 Junction 47 Contribution

A contribution to a £3.5m scheme to provide capacity and safety improvements at the A1(M) / A59 junction (Junction 47). The scheme includes;

  • Traffic signals on all approaches to J47;
  • Widening on all approaches in order to accommodate left turn flares on both divergent slips, and to increase the length of both right turn flares on the A59 approaches
  • Traffic signal control at the adjacent A59 / A168 junction;

up to £1.2m

Bond End and Knaresborough High Street Junctions

Implementation of traffic congestion and air quality remedial measures at the Bond End AQMA and potentially other locations on Knaresborough High Street.

up to £850,000

Smart Traffic Data Collection

Purchase of state of the art traffic and journey time data collection equipment to allow congestion monitoring and provide real time congestion information to Urban Traffic Management Control systems

up to £100,000