By law, feed businesses must have a system in place to ensure feed is safe for the animals and the food chain and to be registered or approved by their local authority.

Who is covered?

Virtually all feed businesses that make, import, market, transport or use animal feed need to be registered or approved. This includes livestock farms processing or storing feed for animals on their own holding, and farmers growing arable crops for use in feed.

Approval requires a prior inspection by us and generally applies to those businesses carrying out higher risk activities, such as the manufacture and marketing of certain feed additives or premixtures.

Registration simply involves placing the premises on a list with follow-up checks. The vast majority of feed businesses (including most farms and smallholders) are required to be registered.

How do I apply for registration or approval?

Contact our customer service team on 01609 780780, or email us at to request a registration pack. Once we have your completed form, we will issue you with your unique registration number. Please retain this in your farm records. If you're a member of an assurance scheme you may be asked for it at your next inspection.

Viewing registered or approved premises

Premises already registered or approved with us are listed in the registers below, along with the feed activity codes which they are registered or approved for. Livestock premises which have not yet contacted us directly have been given the activity code "R13 - Direct feeding of livestock", and they appear in this register.

If you need to check your registration or approval number, you can find it in the lists below. The registers are listed A-Z by business or individual name. For speed, you can use the "Find" tool within your PDF viewer, usually accessed by pressing the Ctrl + F keys.

Further information

You can find out more about feed hygiene requirements here, including the activity codes and a description of them, links to the legislation and detailed guidance.