This story was published 31 May 2018

The A59 at Kex Gill between Harrogate and Skipton was closed yesterday following signs of movement.

Kex Gill

Initial investigations have been carried out today by specialist consultants alongside County Council engineers. These have confirmed that there is evidence of movement and that further investigations will be required. These will be carried out tomorrow to ascertain what action is needed.

In the meantime, the road will remain closed and a diversion will be in place via Ilkley and Otley.

The County Council urges drivers to heed the closure and diversion signs on the road for the safety of all road users.

The A59 is an important trans-Pennine route between Skipton and Harrogate, but has a history of instability and movement of the land at Kex Gill. Realigning the A59 at Kex Gill to the other side of the valley is part of the County Council’s strategic transport plan to improve east to west connections between the east coast and Humber ports and Lancashire. Following a public consultation focusing on proposals for this realignment last year, preferred options are to be considered later this year.