Ambitious plan to improve children’s life chances further

This story was published 14 July 2017

The County Council and its partners have set out an ambitious new plan to improve life chances for children and young people across the county.

cover of Young and Yorkshire 2 plan

Young and Yorkshire 2, which sets out a framework for change, builds on the previous plan adopted in 2014.

Its priorities – that children and young people should lead healthy, happy and achieving lives – remain the same. But it calls to action a wide range of partners – schools, families, communities, business, statutory agencies and voluntary groups – to be even more ambitious in tackling some of the more difficult challenges that can limit children’s life chances, be it the school they go to, the place they grow up in or the circumstances of individual young people and their families.

“We want this plan to make a difference, not just to the services we deliver but to children’s lives,” said County Councillor Janet Sanderson, North Yorkshire’s Executive Member for Children’s Services. “We have achieved a great deal over the last three years and have been applauded nationally for our innovative approach to improving services and supporting families and children.

“More of our children go to good or outstanding schools and we have reduced our care population by 20 per cent. But we want to broaden our reach. To make change happen we need collective action across all parts of the system."

North Yorkshire’s Executive has recommended that the County Council next week approves the plan, which has been produced by the Children’s Trust Board. The Board unites all the agencies working with children and young people across the county, at both a strategic and local level. The plan’s contents have been heavily influenced by evidence and research but also what young people themselves have said. Delivery against the plans ambitions is therefore crucial and the Trust Board will be closely monitoring the further change we collectively create.