Awards ceremony celebrates achievements of adult learners

The achievements of adult learners in the Harrogate, Selby and Craven areas have been celebrated at the south area Adult Learner Awards organised by North Yorkshire County Council’s adult learning team.

Winners and learners at Harrogate Adult Learning centre with Sandy Docherty and members of the adult learning team.

The event took place on Wednesday, 21 June, at the Harrogate Adult Learning office, coinciding with the annual national Festival of Learning, (formerly Adult Learners Week), which invites organisations and communities to take part in adult learning activities to showcase the wide range of opportunities and resources available to enable adults to continue or resume their education. 

The awards are a chance for teachers to highlight the efforts of students and for learners to recognise the impact of their teachers while celebrating the achievements of all learners and teachers. They raise awareness of the wide range of courses available to adults in North Yorkshire, whether to gain new skills and qualifications or to develop new interests.

The ceremony was supported by Sandy Docherty, a former contestant on The Great British Bake-off and an advocate of Baking Down Barriers, which helps children and adults from difficult backgrounds or with diverse needs to become more independent and grow in confidence through baking and cooking. 

At the celebration, visitors were able to view a display of learners’ artwork and projects and had the opportunity to take part in a cake decorating competition run by Sandy, who said: “It was great to get involved with this special celebration event. It was wonderful to hear about each learner’s achievements and see everyone’s enthusiasm to get involved with the cake decorating.” 

The awards and winners were:

  • Learner of the year: Anna Prosser, Outside the Box café, Ilkley
  • Teacher of the year: (joint winners) Diane Grubb and Caroline Parker
  • Group of the year: Jennyruth workshops, Ripon

Learner of the year award winner Anna Prosser said: “I was so pleased to win an award. I have enjoyed my Enterprise skills course. It has really helped boost my confidence and I’m looking forward to using the planning and organisational skills I learnt to help my fundraising work for the Hope charity in Kolkata in India.” 

Photo above: Winners and learners at Harrogate Adult Learning centre with Sandy Docherty and members of the adult learning team.

This story was published 23 June 2017