Bowling club moves smoothly into the future

Members of a bowling club can look forward to a smooth run of fortune in future after essential maintenance work to its green.

County Councillor Derek Bastiman with Scalby and Newby Bowling Club president Richard Thompson and bowling club member Stuart Stamford

The work is to be done with the help of £650 from the locality budget of County Councillor Derek Bastiman, who represents Scalby and the Coast. The project will level the edges of the bowling green, re-turf and re-seed it and replace supporting boards. A new water heater will also be installed.

Locality budgets allow the 72 county councillors to respond to local needs and requests by recommending funding of up to £5,000 to support projects or activities that benefit the communities they represent. Scalby parish council is contributing £1,000 to the project and the bowling club has raised £750 towards it.

The president of Scalby and Newby Bowling Club, Richard Thompson, said: “We are extremely grateful to Cllr Bastiman and the county council for the £650 from the locality budget to assist the bowling club, which has been in existence since 1930, to undertake essential remedial work on its green.

“We hope this funding will help to sustain the club in the future not only for members but also for residents and tourists as a community facility.”

Cllr Bastiman said: “The bowling club provides a wonderful facility for the community and it also fits in with the county’s policy of promoting exercise and healthy living.”

This story was published 26 February 2019