Call for residents to cut back overgrown trees and hedges

This story was published 4 October 2021

Residents are being urged to cut back any hedges or trees on their property that could be putting pedestrians and road users at risk.


Our highways teams have received an increasing number of reports of pavements being obstructed and road signs obscured by overgrown trees and bushes.

The local authority is responsible for making sure trees and hedges don’t obstruct the highway or damage property.

Landowners and occupiers have similar responsibilities for trees and hedges on their property. They must make sure these do not obscure road signs, reduce visibility for road users or prevent people using the road or pavement safely.

They are also responsible for removing dead or decaying trees and other growth, removing branches that hinder high-sided vehicles or block light from a street light, and making sure roads and pavements are clear of debris from cutting work.

County Councillor Don Mackenzie, Executive Member for Access, said: “Overgrown trees, shrubs and hedges frequently cause problems for our highways teams, and never more so than in autumn.

"Vegetation can reduce the width of footpaths putting pedestrians at risk; unmanaged trees can obscure street lights; overgrown bushes can hide important road signs.

"That is why we are reminding landowners and householders that their trees and hedges must be cut back if they are infringing upon the public highway and footpaths.”

See more information about the maintenance of vegetation.