Care worker sets up her own business to help her community

This story was published 5 August 2020

A North Yorkshire care worker has taken advantage of an innovative “help at home” project to get back out doing what she loves in the community.


Yasmin Hilton has worked in a caring role for 13 years, working first with elderly people with dementia and then as a first responder.

After seeing the “help at home” project, Yasmin thought it was the perfect opportunity to set up her own caring enterprise, getting back to the heart of her community in Ryedale and building relationships with those around her who need a little bit more support.

Yasmin’s business, Bee Supported, launched last month through the scheme.

“Help at home” aims to increase the number of smaller care providers to create and develop a diverse range of support within Ryedale to complement existing support services.

It will achieve this by encouraging people like Yasmin who would like to set up or diversify their own care and support business.

North Yorkshire County Council is funding the scheme, which is being managed on the council’s behalf by Community Catalysts, a well-established North Yorkshire-based community enterprise.

Yasmin said: “I’d been considering launching Bee Supported for months – it’s been a big decision but I realised right now was the time to do it after seeing the advert for the Community Catalysts scheme.

“Caring is all I’ve done my working life, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I really want to help my community too, and this is the way to do it. I love getting out there and being hands on.

“Having the support from the scheme has meant I’ve not missed anything, I’ve been able to get a portfolio together and I was able to launch successfully.”

Yasmin said Bee Supported can help with a range of things – from simply getting out of bed in the morning to hobbies like baking and gardening, tailored to exactly what people need.

She added: “I want to build a relationship with every one of my customers. I’m a caring person, I get it from my mum, who worked in adult social care.

“When I was 15 I chose to do my work experience in a care home – it really is my calling.”

Richard Webb, Corporate Director of Health and Adult Services at North Yorkshire County Council, said: “We are delighted to be working with Community Catalysts to develop and deliver innovative approaches to support and care for people living in the Ryedale district.

“This project aims to offer additional choice by complementing existing services, particularly in rural areas.

“It’s brilliant to see people like Yasmin joining up for the scheme to get closer to her community and use her skills as a care worker.”

Cllr Michael Harrison, Executive Member for Adult Services and Health Integration, said: “The project is a response to the increasing number of people needing care and support in Ryedale’s villages. We aim to increase the number of caring solutions and widen the care on offer, particularly to people who use our direct payments scheme to take more control of their personal care budget.”

Direct Payments are cash payments paid to people in lieu of commissioned services. Having a direct payment gives people the ability to buy and tailor their own support in a way that suits them best.

Cllr Harrison added: “This is an opportunity for people who want a career in care and, like Yasmin, want to really make a difference to their community.

“It’s fantastic that Yasmin has decided to go ahead with her caring business and I’m sure she will be a valuable asset to the community.”

Community Catalysts can assist people who want to be self-employed or set up and run their own small enterprise offering help at home for people in the community. The support includes a point of contact to explore ideas; practical information on regulation and training; information about opportunities in the health and social care sector and about organisations that can help.

Anyone interested in learning more can contact Kathy Peacock at or phone 07503 800094.