Centre will enhance recycling operation

This story was published 21 October 2019

A new centre opened by North Yorkshire County Council will make waste recycling in Ryedale more efficient and environmentally friendly.

officials at the opening of the waste transfer station

The Kirby Misperton waste transfer station replaces two facilities, one at Knapton Quarry and one on Showfield Lane, Malton. The new transfer station will receive waste and recyclables collected from across Ryedale in small vehicles and bulk up waste into larger articulated lorries for transport to facilities for recycling, treatment and disposal.

Up to 30,000 tonnes of waste and recycled materials will be handled at the facility each year, collected from local households, shops and offices, as well as from the local household waste recycling centres (HWRCs). A significant amount of the waste handled at the site will be sent for recycling with the rest transported to Allerton Waste Recovery Park near Knaresborough, for processing to remove further materials for recycling and to produce energy to be fed into the national grid.

County Councillor Andrew Lee, Executive Member for Business and Environmental Services, said: “It is necessary to enhance the network of waste transfer stations. A network of waste transfer stations, centrally located to catchment areas, is essential to the success of our recycling ambitions. The Kirby Misperton waste transfer station is designed to provide this facility for the Ryedale area.”

District Councillor Mike Potter, Member Champion for Waste and Climate Change said:  “A central waste transfer station provides an excellent opportunity to ensure all our waste and recycling rounds are optimised and miles travelled minimised to reduce our carbon emissions whilst delivering best value for our residents. This new facility working in partnership also provides a more sustainable solution for Ryedale and its environment. However, waste reduction remains the most energy efficient, cost effective and sustainable method.”

The facility is a significant development for North Yorkshire County Council, Ryedale District Council and Yorwaste Ltd, who have worked in partnership to create a secure, long-term centre for the reception, bulking and transfer of waste and recyclables collected in Ryedale. The site, which will be operated by Yorwaste Ltd under contract to the County Council, has taken a year to build.