Colburn bridleway reopens after successful multiagency response

This story was published 15 December 2021

A large-scale multiagency response has been carried out to reopen a bridleway in Colburn after a hole rendered it unsafe.

Photo showing the Colburn bridleway surface before and after fixing.

In June, we were forced to close the bridleway, known locally as Derby Way, leading from Catterick Road through the Horseshoe Close housing estate and crossing Sour Beck.

The Countryside Access Service worked in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence, which own the land, and Yorkshire Water, which had to repair a foul sewer discovered in the hole.

Local member County Councillor Helen Grant said: “This is a great example of a successful multiagency response to repair the large void that forced a popular bridleway to close. Our teams did a great job in coordinating the investigation and carrying out the remedial works in collaboration with partners.

“We had to remove some trees to carry out the work however we have planted more in their place. The surface is now much improved for everybody who uses the route.

“Our dedicated Countryside Volunteers visited the site on a weekly basis to ensure that the correct closure signage and barriers remained in place to keep the route safe. I would like to thank the contractors for their hard work and the locals for their patience while the repairs were carried out.”