Consultation over parking restrictions

This story was published 17 December 2018

Residents are being consulted in Scarborough over plans to introduce parking restrictions to alleviate traffic problems.

There have been long-running issues around parked cars in the area

People in the Hovingham Drive and Old Scalby Road areas have until 18 January to give their views to North Yorkshire County Council’s highways office.

There have been long-running issues around parked cars in the area, with the local bus service reporting difficulties negotiating Hovingham Drive and complaints from residents about access to their driveways. The proposals would see yellow lines introduced and keep clear “H” bar markings in front of some driveways.

County Councillor Don Mackenzie, executive member for highways, said: Our aim is not to stop parking taking place, but to encourage drivers to park in a manner that does not obstruct the free flow of traffic and particularly the bus service. We are proposing parking restrictions which can be enforced, as this is the most effective way to protect the route of the bus service.

“We will take into account the comments we receive and, if appropriate, we will amend the proposals before starting the legal advertising and consultation that is required for new parking restrictions.”

County Councillor Andrew Jenkinson, who represents the Woodlands area, said: ‘I became county councillor for this area in May last year and promised then to solve the unfairness of people parking inconsiderately in the Hovingham Drive and Old Scalby Road areas.

“Although the proposals can’t solve all issues, we have started the process, we are moving in the right direction and the proposals are lot better than the current situation for residents. These proposals will resolve the problems the local bus service has when it can’t get along Hovingham Drive or Old Scalby Road due to inconsiderate parking. 

“For some people, the local bus service is their lifeline and when the bus service can’t get through they lose that lifeline. This proves that as a council we are listening to the public’s problems and, where possible, we deliver.”

“This week a letter will be going out to every household in the area so they can see our proposals. I would like to say well done to the county council’s highway engineers who have drawn up these proposals.’’