Council plans development for short break disabled children's service

This story was published 17 July 2018

North Yorkshire County Council is planning to develop a more flexible short-break service for the families of children and young people with the most complex disabilities.

County Hall

Under the proposals, which the County Council’s Executive will decide on next week, the Council will further enhance three high quality children’s resource centre hubs across North Yorkshire.  

These will provide a range of services including day and overnight care, support in the community, holiday programmes and services available to assist carers in the evenings and weekends.

Short break overnight provision for Harrogate and Skipton will be concentrated in the Nidderdale Children’s Resource Centre which has been judged outstanding by Ofsted and which will be extended and its programmes developed to cater for more children. 

This will be complemented by an outreach support service in Skipton to provide a more flexible resource for community support for families in Craven.

These proposals are designed to create a more efficient and vibrant service and a saving of over £450,000 by enabling the closure of the Ghyll Children’s Resource Centre in Skipton and the Beck satellite provision in Starbeck which have experienced a reduction in demand in recent years.  The Ghyll is currently used by no more than 7 families  -  threatening its financial viability and the quality of experience for children and young people.  Currently an overnight stay at The Ghyll costs £750 per night compared to £450 in the other resource centres operating at a higher capacity.  

“We want to maintain a high quality, sustainable and flexible short break service for disabled  children across the county,” said County Councillor Janet Sanderson, North Yorkshire’s Executive Member for Children’s Services. “These proposals mean we can extend the outstanding short break provision in Nidderdale with its excellent holiday programmes and activities – transporting children from Craven door-to-door if needed   - and we can complement this with community provision in Skipton. 

“Although we must constantly look to make savings due to a severely overstretched budget, we are also trying to maintain and enhance where possible the quality of services by doing things differently.”