County Council on site to restore Scarborough traffic signals

This story was published 6 July 2018

At least eight sets of traffic signals have failed this morning due to an interruption to the electricity supply in the Scarborough area overnight which has also affected homes and businesses.

Traffic lights.

Although the electricity supply has been restored, traffic signals do not always come back on as soon as the electricity reaches them. This is a safeguarding mechanism to prevent damage to the sensitive electronic components from an unstable voltage. This safeguarding mechanism is triggered particularly if the power has failed and been restored multiple times in a short period.

North Yorkshire County Council traffic signal engineers are now out on site working to restore the signals as soon as possible.

Because of the number of traffic signals affected by the power outage, restoring them to normal working will take some time, but the county council expects them all to be up and running by mid afternoon.

“We can only to apologise for any inconvenience caused,” said County councillor Don Mackenzie, North Yorkshire’s executive member for highways. “We recognise that the signals not working is particularly difficult for pedestrians, and we are working hard to restore the signals as a priority”.