County Council welcomes hospitals’ action to support staff

This story was published 12 February 2021

Action by NHS hospitals in North Yorkshire to support frontline staff during the Covid-19 pandemic has been welcomed by the County Council.

Cllr Jim Clark

At their most recent meeting, county councillors voiced support for frontline NHS workers and all that they are doing to help people during the pandemic. Members wanted to be sure that the staff received as much help as possible.

County Council chairman Cllr Jim Clark wrote on behalf of the Council to the chief executives of Airedale, York, South Tees and Harrogate Hospitals about additional support and wellbeing measures for frontline staff at a time when their work was so physically and emotionally demanding.

Cllr Clark said: “I have received responses from all the hospitals and I am pleased that free parking, free meals and health and wellbeing initiatives have all been running throughout the pandemic.”

County Councillors were also keen to see NHS organisations adopt more environmentally friendly ways of working, which cut greenhouse gas emissions and make good economic sense.

“The responses from the hospitals reveal good progress in this key area and some ambitious plans for the future, including the prospect of a new, carbon neutral hospital on the current Airedale Hospital site,” said Cllr Clark.  

“On behalf of the Council, I would like to thank colleagues in the NHS who have worked so valiantly to deal with this pandemic and who have shown such resilience over the past 12 months.”