County first in region for student success

This story was published 26 January 2018

Government figures published on 25 January show that students in North Yorkshire schools have again performed highly in GCSE and A level examinations.

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New sets of grading and accountability measures which the Government has introduced for secondary schools show that North Yorkshire is a top tier authority - significantly above the national average for both progress and attainment and ranked first in Yorkshire and Humberside.

The proportion of students who attained a strong pass (grades 9 to 5) in both English and mathematics (50.4 per cent) places North Yorkshire in the top 15 per cent of authorities nationally, 7.5 per cent above the national average and 9.7 per cent above the average for Yorkshire and Humberside.

Scores for the county’s students for progress 8 (which measures progress from primary to secondary school) - and attainment 8 (includes results from eight subject entries per pupil, with double weighting for English and mathematics) also place North Yorkshire first for Yorkshire and Humberside and in the top 15 per cent of authorities nationally.

North Yorkshire outcomes for attainment in the English Baccalaureate (EBacc), which measures performance in a combined suite of English, mathematics, sciences, language and humanities, also places the county in the top quartile of councils.

North Yorkshire also is in the top ten per cent of councils for high academic success at A-level. The proportion of A-level students who attained the highest grades (A*AB or better) is 26.5 percent in the county, compared with 20.7 per cent nationally. North Yorkshire is first in Yorkshire and Humberside for students’ average A-level point score and the percentage gaining A*AB passes.

North Yorkshire also has a higher proportion of pupils who attend secondary schools which are good or outstanding; 91 per cent of pupils in North Yorkshire attend a good or outstanding school - compared to 82.6 per cent nationally.

“We must congratulate our young people and families and our school staff for this great achievement and for their commitment and their hard work”, said County Councillor Patrick Mulligan, North Yorkshire’s Executive Member for Schools. “In North Yorkshire we are constantly striving to give young people the best in teaching and learning and these outcomes show that we continue to be successful and in the top tier for achievement.

“Once again North Yorkshire has performed highly against a set of national Government measures.

“However, the County Council and schools are not complacent and we know that for some students further improvement is required. There is now a concerted focus on supporting schools so that all their students achieve similar standards as the very best in the county.”