Double dose of praise in North Yorkshire for those who protect society from harm

This story was published 7 July 2021

NHS, front line and care workers have been given a double-dose of thanks in North Yorkshire as the county has shown its appreciation for their efforts and sacrifice over the pandemic era.

Cllr Stuart Martin, Alison Ryan, Sharon Moss and Jane Kennedy

County Council chairman Cllr Stuart Martin has a personal reason to be grateful to staff in the health service, because they helped save his wife when she was ill with Covid-19.

He acknowledged the huge commitment made by workers in that sector nationally as a flag paying tribute to the NHS was flown above County Hall, to send a clear message to all involved.

Cllr Martin said: “I would like to say a special personal thank you to the NHS, they were instrumental in saving my wife’s life last year when she got Covid 19, so thank you very much everyone involved with that.

“I also wanted to say happy 73rd birthday to the NHS, particularly a big thank you to the NHS, care workers and key workers throughout the country.”

Cllr Martin went on to say: “We would also wish to thank all our volunteers, emergency workers and all those operating in vital supply chains who have helped our communities through the pandemic and supported the great work of our NHS and social care workers.”

The praise came following the NHS, Social Care and Front Line Workers Day, which coincided with the anniversary of the National Health Service being established.

Sharon Moss is a registered care home manager with North Yorkshire and she added her recognition for the efforts made by staff involved: “I would like to say a huge thank you to care and support workers, who have been totally amazing,” she said.

North Yorkshire’s Chief Executive, Richard Flinton, and Mike Padgham, managing director of St Cecilia’s Care Group and chairman of the Independent Care Group have also paid tribute to the work done to keep the county’s residents as safe as possible through the adverse conditions.

They said: “We want to say a big thank you to carers everywhere looking after family and friends, in the private sector or for the county council; you have been magnificent and so many people have got so much to thank you for - giving of your time and putting yourselves at risk – this partnership working has been so important. None of us quite know what the next few months will bring but we do know you will carry on being brilliant at keeping people safe and looking out for each other.”