This story was published 7 May 2021

Two by-elections for vacant seats on North Yorkshire County Council were held yesterday (6 May).

Voting box

In the election for the Ribblesdale division, David Michael Staveley was elected.

The full results are:

  • Luke Robert Allan (Liberal Democrat): 430 votes
  • Brian Anthony McDaid (Labour): 475 votes
  • David Christopher Noland (Green Party): 395 votes
  • David Michael Staveley (Conservative): 1,537 votes

Voter turnout was 44.04 per cent.

In the election for the Harrogate Bilton and Nidd Gorge division, Matthew Robert Scott was elected.

The full results are:

  • Harvey Cedric Alexander (Independent): 46 votes
  • John Philip Hall (Yorkshire Party): 136 votes
  • Andrew Graham Kempston-Parkes (Liberal Democrat): 1,639 votes
  • Tyler Michael Reeton (Labour): 434 votes
  • Matthew Robert Scott (Conservative): 1,991 votes
  • Arnold Francis Warneken (Green Party): 430 votes

Voter turnout was 37.4 per cent.