Fred pays visit to llama after roadside drama

This story was published 25 July 2018

Our highways officer Fred Bowman went back to a farm this week to visit a llama he helped to rescue after finding it running along the road.

Highways inspector Fred Bowman with Henry Vallance and the llamas Pria and Nenyo her baby

Fred’s drama began when he came across the llama on the C426 Aiskew to Bedale road as he was driving to some routine inspection work in Bedale.

The llama was heading towards him with a trail of traffic behind it.

Fred has worked on the roads in North Yorkshire all his working life and been a highways officer in the Bedale area for the last 12 years so he knows the place like the back of his hand.

Making an educated guess, he headed straight for the petting farm Big Sheep Little Cow about half a mile away and asked the staff if they were missing a llama.

Indeed they were.  The llama, called Pria had been spooked by Flossie, the farm’s cune cune pig taking a stroll in her field and had taken flight, abandoning her baby Nenyo and jumping all the fences. 

Fred gave Henry Vallance, one of the farm’s senior tour guides, a lift back in the direction where he had spotted Pria.  By now she had made it almost as far as Leeming Bar with an even longer traffic queue behind her. 

Fred and Henry quickly parked up and Henry managed to lasso Pria just as she was heading on to the A6055 access road, running parallel to the A1.  Another motorist helped to tether her, as she was bucking and rearing, to a fence by the side of the road and then to calm her.  “She wasn’t happy,” said Fred, “but eventually she calmed down and the farmer came along with a trailer and they got her back in the field with her baby.”

Staff at Big Sheep Little Cow  were delighted with Fred’s visit: “We had been trying to find out who helped Henry get Pria back home to invite them to have a look round the farm, ” said senior tour guide  Rebecca Hartley. 

“Pria hasn’t been with us long and she was taken by surprise by Flossie the pig.  We were amazed by how high she could jump so we’ve now raised all the fences.  We are very grateful to Fred and very happy to have Pria back – and so is her baby!”