This story was published 20 September 2019

When the UK leaves the European Union (EU), there may be changes that affect you.

Advice for Residents

Visiting the EU after Brexit - check what you need to do to visit an EU country

If you or your family are from the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland you are encouraged to apply for settled status through the EU Settlement Scheme. We want our EU citizens and their families to know that they are very welcome in North Yorkshire and are a very important part of the cultural and economic vitality of our county; valued members of our communities and workforce. Applying for settled status requires access to a compatible Android phone or tablet to scan your identity document yourself. If you don’t have access you can make an appointment to bring your ID document to us, where it can be scanned for you.

Advice for businesses and self-employed people

If you trade any goods or services with the European Union (EU), you’ll need to get ready for Brexit. For example, you will need to take action if you:

  • Export goods or services to the EU.
  • Import goods from the EU.
  • Transport goods by road.
  • Export animals or animal related products.

The Government has created a useful tool to help you understand how leaving the EU might affect your business, and what you can do to prepare.

If you employ any EU workers, you should make them aware of their right to stay in the UK after Brexit, and support them to apply for apply for settled status through the EU Settlement Scheme.

Council Services

The council’s preparations consider a range of different Brexit outcomes. To reduce any impact on our local communities and our services, we are working closely with partners and the Government to understand the various risks and to ensure that everyone is prepared.

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