Have you spotted North Yorkshire’s new battery recycling bins?

This story was published 30 September 2021

Residents are being reminded to safely dispose of batteries in unmissable pink recycling bins which have been installed at North Yorkshire’s household waste recycling centres (HWRCs).

The new battery bins at our HWRC's

The call to action comes as Yorwaste, which operates HWRCs on our behalf, has had several fires at its Waste Transfer stations that are thought to have been started by discarded batteries.

Lithium ion batteries, which are the main cause of fires at waste sites, are found in products including mobile phones, toys, cameras, e-cigarettes and laptop computers. Once discarded, the batteries can cause fires if they are punctured and can be hard to detect when left in waste.

County Councillor Derek Bastiman, Executive Member for Waste Management, said: “There are serious risks with batteries being disposed of in the general waste stream in wheeled bins and at the HWRCs.

“Although Yorwaste staff do a brilliant job in checking for batteries being disposed in the general waste there are inevitably some that slip through the net. This is why we have introduced these new bins located near the waste and recycling containers.

“Getting into the habit of collecting batteries can be very simple. Try setting up a small container such as an old ice cream tub or plastic bag, and when it’s full take the batteries to one of the sites. Collection points can also be found at supermarkets, schools, DIY centres and local shops.”

All types of household batteries can be recycled, including button cell batteries found in watches and other small electronics.

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