Hidden disability sunflower scheme at Harrogate library

This story was published 29 November 2019

Harrogate library customers with hidden disabilities are set to benefit from more support with the pilot of the sunflower lanyard scheme.

person wearing one of the lanyards in library

At the library, customers will be able to pick up one of the lanyards, which have been designed to act as a discreet sign to staff that they may need additional help.

The library hopes this will provide reassurance to those with hidden disabilities such as autism, dementia, visual or hearing impairment and anxiety.

Chrys Mellor, General Manager Libraries, said: “The sunflower project is an innovative way to ensure customers with hidden disabilities enjoy an enhanced library experience. Members of the library team will be happy to provide extra support such as assisting with finding library items or simply giving library users more time at the desk.”

The sunflower design is now being used by a number of organisations across the UK, including many airports and supermarkets.

If the scheme is a success, there are plans to roll out the lanyards to more libraries in North Yorkshire.

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