Housing project will bring traffic calming to a North Yorkshire community

This story was published 22 October 2021

Work has started on a housing development called The Paddocks, which will see Brierley Homes Limited provide nine new homes in the village of Great Ouseburn, near Harrogate.

Great Ouseburn

The first phase focusses on a highways scheme to provide the access to the new development as well as the installation of traffic calming measures on Branton Lane.

The work includes a meticulously planned scheme to safeguard an avenue of lime trees.

That work is being overseen by Brooks Ecological and features an innovative root protection system to ensure they are not damaged by traffic when the development is complete.

This phase of the project involves the company working in partnership with NY Highways, another North Yorkshire County Council-owned company, which is responsible for highways maintenance and improvement schemes across the county’s network.

It is expected that building work on the new homes will begin next year, after the access works have been completed.

Matt O’Neill, Director at Brierley Homes, said: “We are pleased to be moving forwards with this development, which will provide high-quality new homes in an area with high demand for housing.

“It is good to be working with NY Highways and their work will help the village by providing new traffic calming measures and also protect the environment by ensuring the lime trees are protected from unintended damage.”

Ross Bullerwell, managing director of NY Highways, said: “This highways work is a vital first step in the construction process and we are delighted to be completing the task on behalf of Brierley Homes Limited. Our construction staff are working carefully and the new traffic calming will be a benefit to all who live in the area."