Key workers are keeping the roads safe for essential services

This story was published 26 March 2020

Key highways workers are at the forefront of ensuring essential services can continue to operate in North Yorkshire during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Empty streets

North Yorkshire County Council and its highways contractors, including its main contractor Ringway, are working to keep the roads safe and to continue their essential maintenance.

County Councillor Don Mackenzie, Executive Member for Access, said: “This is vital work. It is our duty to maintain our highways network in as safe a condition as we can at all times.

“Although roads are seeing less traffic following the travel restrictions, it is vital that the network remains safe to use to keep goods and deliveries of food and supplies moving and to enable safe travel for NHS and social care support workers, the emergency services, and everyone who is supporting our communities.

“Whether key workers travel on foot, by bike, on public transport or car to and from work, they will rely on roads and footways being repaired and bridges being safe to cross. Winter gritting will continue where necessary, potholes will continue to be filled and other work on the network will continue. It must to keep the county going.”

At the same time, the County Council is mindful of the need for workers to stay safe.

Cllr Mackenzie added: “While our employees and contractors provide this vital service, it is important that they remain safe. Therefore, we ensure that they are practising social distancing.”

For example, workers will keep a safe distance apart while carrying out their work in accordance with the Public Health England guidance.