This story was published 12 December 2017

The North Yorkshire Safeguarding Adults Board (NYSAB) wants to talk to as many people as possible who have experience of the Mental Capacity Act.

The Act keeps adults safe when they are unable to make some decisions without support

The act keeps adults safe when they are unable to make some decisions without support and ensures that professionals involve people in decision-making as much as possible.

NYSAB is made up of partner organisations who work together to ensure that adults who may be vulnerable are kept safe and well. These organisations include North Yorkshire County Council, health services, the police and independent, voluntary sector and community partners.

The board wants to make sure that people, their families and carers understand their rights under the act and know what to do when things go wrong. It also wants to make sure that the people working within their organisations have all of the information and tools they need to support people in making decisions and to know what the Mental Capacity Act says and how to use it.

In particular, NYSAB wants to find out:

  • If the training, support and guidance available meets the needs of NYAB members’ employees, care providers and community groups
  • What information, support and guidance people who are affected by the act need to help them to understand their rights
  • How to support individuals and their families and unpaid carers in planning for the future. The Mental Capacity Act provides this support if a time comes when someone cannot make their own decisions.

Deputy Chief Constable Lisa Winward, Vice-Chair of NYSAB, said: “In 2018, the NYSAB will be out and about across North Yorkshire talking to as many people as possible who may be affected by the Act, including professionals and local businesses who may come into contact with people who need extra support to make decisions.

“We want to find out what is working well, what isn’t working so well and what support and guidance people would find helpful.

“To help us to decide the right questions to ask and who we should be speaking to, we are also setting up a steering group that will meet twice in January and February 2018. It will then meet again in June to discuss the feedback we have received and decide what should happen next.

“We are looking for ten people affected by the Act and/or their families and carers, as well as professionals who work with who are unable to make decisions on their own, to be part of this group. If you or someone you work with would like to be part of the steering group, we would like to hear from you.”

Anyone interested in joining the group, should get in touch with Erin Outram at North Yorkshire County Council on 01609 532078 or email by Friday 22 December 2017

NYAB also wants to make sure that it speaks to as many people as possible about their experience of the Mental Capacity Act and hear their ideas about how improvements could be made across North Yorkshire. If you would like to contribute your views on this or would be interested in hosting an engagement discussion in 2018, please contact Erin by Tuesday, 2 January.