North Yorkshire Covid-19 Care Market Resilience

Covid-19 continues to present an unprecedented challenge for health and social care.


Across North Yorkshire we have 235 care home providers and extra care schemes, and to ensure we continue to work as a local health and care system to support these homes during the Covid-19 emergency, we have set out a care market resilience plan. This plan sets out the details of our enhanced operating model and support infrastructure to meet the challenges that the care sector is currently faced and which meets our objectives to:

  • Keep people using services and the workforce safe and well
  • Ensure safe services to people who do not have Covid-19
  • Keep Covid-19 free settings shielded so that they remain Covid-19 free
  • Prevent, contain and manage outbreaks
  • Prevent and reduce deaths, where possible

On 14 May 2020 the Department of Health and Social Care asked local authorities to review or put in place care home support plans, with each local authority required to submit a planning return detailing these support plans. Our care market Resilience plan has already been fully implemented and can be found in the link below.  We have also included our letter to the Department of Health and Social Care which formed part of our planning return and summarises our existing and new activity to support the care market.

 Covering letter (pdf / 740 KB)

 Care home plan (pdf / 1 MB)

 Care home resilience template (xlsx / 43 KB)

 Financial support for the market (xlsx / 12 KB)

For more information on these documents please contact us.

This story was published 1 June 2020