Primary school pupils shout about social distancing in video

This story was published 15 June 2020

Students at a North Yorkshire primary school are spreading the message on 2m distancing – by shouting about it for all to hear.

school video

Children at Hutton Rudby Primary School have filmed a guide on how to be socially safe and maintain the recommended 2m distance at all times.

The clip shows a group of Year Six students checking their distance as they work in the classroom, queue up for lunch and play outside.

Matthew Kelly, Head at Hutton Rudby Primary School, said: “The children have been back in school for a couple of weeks now and have all been brilliant at adapting to the change in circumstances.

“They were very excited at the opportunity to show what they’ve learnt about social distancing and ensuring they are all 2m apart when moving around the school, playground, in the classroom etc.

“All of the children felt like actors when they were filmed for the clip and are very pleased with it.

“To me, this shows that it’s possible to remain safe and do social distancing properly in these unprecedented circumstances, whilst still having fun at the same time.”

Stuart Carlton, North Yorkshire County Council’s Corporate Director of Children and Young People’s Service, said: “This video is so effective at making people actively think about their social distancing.

“It also shows the children are aware of it despite it being difficult. If children can adapt, so can others in the community.

“It’s wonderful to see our schools going back and operating in a safe, socially distant way as well as having fun and allowing pupils to thrive.”