Scarborough hosts a special screening

This story was published 28 March 2018

There is a special screening taking place in Scarborough when Fostering North Yorkshire (FNY) showcases its new film about the rewards to be enjoyed from giving a young person a secure home when they need one.

The film challenges the myth that fostering teenagers is always difficult

The film will be showcased at the Brunswick Centre in Scarborough between 11am and 3pm on Friday 6 April and members of the FNY team will be on hand whilst shoppers enjoy the chance to take a break and put their feet up in the pop up lounge. There’ll be information packs about fostering with FNY, and the chance to hear about fostering opportunities in the Scarborough area and talk to some existing foster carers.

The film is called Fostering Teenagers, Changing Lives, and it challenges the myth that fostering teenagers is always difficult. It features some of North Yorkshire’s most skilled foster carers and some of the young people who have experienced life in the care system at first hand. They acknowledge how much they have benefited from the people who have been there for them.

FNY is part of North Yorkshire County Council and has an impressive record of placing the children and young people in its care with local foster families. More than 300 children are looked after by the county’s foster carers every year. These foster carers come from a wide range of backgrounds and family make-up, but what they all have in common is their desire to provide a secure and welcoming home for some of the county’s most vulnerable children.

“FNY is asking anyone who has a spare bedroom – and a desire to offer support to a young person – to take the time to come along to the Brunswick Centre to watch this film and consider helping a young person to make a new start,” said County Councillor Janet Sanderson, North Yorkshire’s Executive Member for Children’s Services.

 “It’s full of inspirational moments – with our foster carers saying how much fostering means to them and how much support and encouragement they receive from FNY.  There  are very moving remarks from some of our young people as well. Vicky, one of our care leavers who’s gone on to make a successful career for herself as a hair dresser, tells us that foster care has brought the best out of her, while Jamie says that he’d like to introduce a child in care ‘to a family like I’ve got’.’’

A Fostering North Yorkshire accredited carer receives more than £300 each week tax-free for fostering a child aged 11 to 15, equivalent to an annual income of around £16,000. Foster carers who have completed their advanced training and have the skills to support teenagers with some complex and challenging behaviours can expect to receive around £29,000 annually, based on a having a young person in a foster placement for 52 weeks a year.

For more information visit or call Fostering North Yorkshire on 01609 534654. Anyone who can’t make the time to go to the Brunswick Centre but would like to watch the film can view it at