Schools across North Yorkshire will get support with reopening

This story was published 20 May 2020

Schools across North Yorkshire will receive full support and bespoke advice from North Yorkshire County Council to enable them to decide whether they can reopen safely.

A desk within a closed school

The County Council is following the guidance from the Government and advising schools to prepare to be open from June 1 at the earliest.

Some schools may be ready to follow Government advice to allow them to open from that date, but many will have staggered dates and approaches depending on their individual circumstances.

Each school will be required to undertake a risk assessment in order to plan appropriate safety measures for their specific circumstances.

This is to ensure each school can decide whether they can open safely. Whatever decision they take will be supported by the County Council.

These risk assessments will also inform the County Council if there are any schools in the county which cannot implement appropriate safety measures.

The council will work with schools, head teachers and the unions to support each school and the decision to open by the head teacher and governing body.

Parents will be encouraged to send their children to school. However, attendance has not been mandated by the Government. Parents will not be penalised for not sending their children to school during this time.

Stuart Carlton, Corporate Director of Children and Young People’s Service at North Yorkshire County Council, said: “We are advising schools to prepare to be open from June 1 at the earliest, awaiting Government confirmation that they will.

“North Yorkshire County Council understands these unprecedented times may cause stress and anxiety, but rest assured we are here supporting schools and head teachers as best we can to make the correct and safest decisions in line with Government advice.”

More than 200 schools in North Yorkshire remain open to vulnerable children and the children of key workers already.