Settle and Giggleswick residents benefit from resurfacing scheme

This story was published 2 June 2021

The completion of a large-scale resurfacing scheme marks a huge boost for residents in Settle and Giggleswick.

Councillor David Staveley and Lynn Scruton with the backdrop of the newly-resurfaced Station Road.

Station Road, running from Settle to Giggleswick, and Kirkgate in Settle are well-used by HGVs accessing Sowarth Industrial Estate. Both roads have been resurfaced using a coating that generates less traffic noise for residents.

Owners of Settle Post Office Graham and Lynn Scruton live on Station Road and are full of praise for the new resurfacing.

“It’s a brilliant job well done which has cut out all of the noise,” said Lynn. “We get a lot of wagons coming down the road and they often woke us up at four or five o’clock in the morning.

“The road was covered in potholes and instead of the odd patching it was in need of a full resurfacing which has made all the difference.”

Local member Councillor David Staveley said: “Despite Station Road being a busy route in to the villages and the Sowarth Field Industrial Estate, it is relatively straight therefore the more durable material isn’t required and instead we can use a coating with a quieter running surface, recognising the impact on residential properties along its length. We have also finished lining these roads which is a huge improvement. 

“I’m delighted to see the positive reaction from residents as it’s made a big difference. I would like to thank the highways teams for a very successful project. I’m sure the benefits will be felt for years to come.”