Share your story of how walking or cycling improves your life

This story was published 15 February 2022

Do you opt to walk or cycle rather than take the car for every trip? If so, you could be an Active Travel Champion.

A family cycling

Our Sustainable Travel team wants to hear positive stories from people who are committed to walking or cycling – Active Travel Champions – so that their stories might inspire others.

It could be that you or your family cycle or walk to work, on the school run or any short journey.

Bob Houghton and family, from Scarborough, fit the bill, as they are already keen on promoting active travel.

Bob said: “We cycle locally as a family because it’s cheap, better for the environment and often quicker than using the car. The travel is literally door-to-door, without the hassles of searching or paying for parking.

“It increases the amount of time we are in the fresh air. We would recommend everyone to increase the amount of time they spend outdoors, either walking or, like us, cycling.”  

Bob, wife Charlotte and daughter Molly use their bikes for shopping, commuting to work, visiting friends and relatives in and around Scarborough and holidaying home and abroad. They have been car-free for more than 10 years.

County Councillor Don Mackenzie, Executive Member for Access, added: “Walking and cycling have so many pluses for those who do them regularly. These include personal benefits, such as increased fitness and money saved on fuel and parking, as well as environmental benefits through reducing congestion and improving air quality.”

Jackie Speakman from the Sustainable Travel team said: “We hope to change people’s habits from driving on all short journeys and increase the number of people who opt to walk or cycle instead. By hearing other people’s positive experiences of active travel, we hope others will be encouraged to do the same.

“If you recognise yourself as an active travel champion, we would love to hear your story about how cycling and walking work for you and your family.”

Please email your story to Jackie Speakman at

Active Travel Champion’s stories will be shared on Open North Yorkshire social media pages and may be used in publicity campaigns. Find out more about Open North Yorkshire.