This story was published 10 December 2018

Parking in Harrogate town centre is set to become easier in the new year with the launch of a new smart parking system that is the first of its kind in the UK.

smart parking app

Thanks to smart sensors installed in parking bays across the town, users of AppyParking will be able to see availability of parking in real-time, drive straight to it and then start and pay for a parking session with a single click. People will pay only for the time they park in the bay while on the street.

The 18-month trial, which will launch early next year, is a joint project by North Yorkshire County Council, which is responsible for on-street parking, and Harrogate Borough Council, which is responsible for off-street park cars.

Anyone can download the app, which is designed to save time and reduce the hassle of parking. Users will no longer need to carry change for a pay and display machine or predict the time they’ll get back to their car. After the minimum stay period, users are charged per minute based on the hourly price up to the maximum stay. They are also sent a notification to let them know if they are coming to the end of their maximum stay.

Users who wish to continue to pay at pay and display parking machines will be able to do so. Customers will be charged a 30p convenience fee for using the service, similar to other cashless payment providers.