This story was published 21 December 2020

Students living in Harrogate borough who are currently taking post-16 education courses (2020-2021) are being invited to apply for a small grant from a local trust.

Student with laptop

The fund, which is administered by North Yorkshire County Council, is available from the Haywra Crescent Educational Trust and could be a welcome boost for people studying at a college or university outside the district.

The grants can be used to buy books and equipment or to fund travel that relates to study.

The money is made available through the proceeds of the sale of a former education property in Haywra Crescent, Harrogate.

This year, the trust has around £1,000 to distribute to students from the Harrogate area who are studying at schools, colleges and universities outside the Harrogate borough.

Further information and application forms are available by emailing

The closing date for applications is 31 January 2021.