Superfast North Yorkshire broadband takes a big leap forward

Most of the 14,239 premises to be included in the latest £20.5 million phase of the superfast broadband roll-out have been revealed.

The interactive map on the website.

North Yorkshire County Council and its wholly-owned company NYnet awarded the contract in February for the third phase of the Superfast North Yorkshire (SFNY), which will take coverage of high quality broadband to 95 per cent of all domestic and business premises in the county.

The contract is funded mainly by the council, with substantial contributions from Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK), the Government’s broadband delivery programme, and from the EU. The contract is receiving funding of £12.1m from the council, £7.3m from BDUK and £1m from the European Regional Development Fund. The contract was won by BT, Britain’s largest phone and broadband network provider, which will invest a further £9.2 million to deliver the new infrastructure.

An interactive map is now available on the website. This will allow residents to check if they are included in the initial 12,000 connections under Phase 3 and an approximate date for installation.

Phase 3 is scheduled to be finished by the middle of 2021. Most of the phase three properties will receive fibre-to-the-premise broadband, which is capable of very fast speeds in excess of 300Mbps. Detailed planning of the phase three deployment is under way and it should begin before the end of the year.

Councillor Don Mackenzie, executive member for broadband, said: “The technology will be the best available and will be able to handle even higher speeds as improvements in service, equipment and demand follow. Phase three puts the quality of broadband provision to some of our most remote communities on to a new, much higher level.

“It is great news for residents who have been waiting patiently for Superfast North Yorkshire to get to them and they will be rewarded with some of the best broadband quality in the country.”

This story was published 8 May 2018