This story was published 14 May 2020

A joint update to all care providers in North Yorkshire on behalf of North Yorkshire County Council and the Independent Care Group.

Dear Colleagues

As you will be aware, following the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday, the Government has written to all Councils today and you can see these letters below:

As of writing, we have yet to have confirmation of the amount of money that the Government will be allocating to North Yorkshire. Nor do we yet know of any specific conditions the Government may require for payments, although the attached letters indicate both practical steps and reporting requirements that will be necessary.

We hope that we will be able to address both the practical help and the data returns partly, or wholly, through our daily telephone calls to care homes. Therefore, it will be even more important that ALL homes work together and take part in the local daily calls.

The County Council and the Independent Care Group have discussed the Government’s announcement and, unless the Government stipulates otherwise, we will:

  • Passport 100% of North Yorkshire’s share of the £600m Government Infection Control funding directly to care homes in the County, as set out in the attached letters
  • Distribute the funding fairly and simply, so that it gets to all homes as quickly as possible once the Government has made the payment to Councils

As far as we know, this funding is only being made available to care homes. We accept that home care and other providers also face costs. In terms of the overall issues about funding for the care sector, both the County Council and the Independent Care Group are using every opportunity to make the case for further national funding for care.

We will update you as soon as the national allocation is confirmed.

Best wishes

Richard Webb

Corporate Director, Health and Adult Services,

North Yorkshire County Council

Mike Padgham

Chair, Independent Care Group