Weight limit on crossing confirmed, but it will be reviewed

This story was published 24 January 2020

A permanent ban on vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tonnes on Norton level crossing has been confirmed, but will be reviewed in light of the increase in rail services in Malton and analysis of the impact of that on traffic flows and air quality.

Norton level crossing

The decision by North Yorkshire County Council’s Business and Environmental Services Corporate Director and Executive Members follows the conclusion of an experimental restriction that came into force in February 2018 with the aim of improving air quality.

They heard that, following public consultation, it was acknowledged that the experimental restriction has created some issues elsewhere on the roads and that concerns such as HGVs being displaced onto other routes were important. However, the restriction’s contribution to improvements in air quality, particularly in Wheelgate and Castlegate, could not be ignored.

County Councillor Don Mackenzie, Executive Member for Access, said: “In making this restriction permanent, we are not considering it in isolation, but in the context of the increase in rail services and potential alterations to the operation of the roads network. That is why we have added the proviso that there will be a further review after the impact of the increased rail traffic is understood.”

A permanent restriction was to have been put in place in July last year, but it was found that an inaccuracy in the traffic regulation order meant it could not be enforced.

An extension of the experimental weight limit was not an option, as the terms of that order meant it could not be extended, only made permanent or revoked.