Young people praised for floods response

This story was published 25 August 2017

Young people living in a Scarborough children’s home leapt into action when the town was hit by flooding this week following very heavy rain.

Water outside the children's home

Initially there was flooding in the manager’s office in Stepney Road Children’s Home and the six young people living there reacted by helping staff to turn off the electricity and to get items on the floor to a higher level. They then went to the back door to see the flooding and it became apparent that a Mini with two people in it was stranded just outside the gates in Stepney Road.

A 16-year-old boy walked through the flood water to check on them. He is a member of St John's Ambulance and took the woman in the car a blanket to keep warm. As he did this, two 14-year-old girls walked through the water and took them cups of tea.

They then went to other cars becoming stranded in the road to offer the same assistance. One care leaver, who was visiting the home, offered to help to push the Mini out of the flood water. The youngsters also invited those who were stranded and wet into their home to offer facilities, phone calls and sandwiches.

Stepney Road deputy manager Cerena Butterworth said: ”When the fire brigade arrived, the children were commended on their quick thinking around safety and warmth through the flood.

The fire service cordoned off the road directly outside our home but cars continued to come up and down Stepney Road.

“The two girls walked to the roundabout at the sixth-form college and motioned to cars not to attempt to continue down Stepney Road. The 16-year-old boy did the same at the bottom of Stepney Road at the roundabout towards Falsgrave.

“We are very proud of the attitude and compassion showed by the children who live with us. They were praised at the time by local residents who they helped, and the boy went to the fire station that night to receive a high visibility jacket and a commendation from them. Our children showed quick thinking, kindness and a proactive attitude towards helping others.’’

County Councillor Janet Sanderson, Executive Member for Children’s Services, said: “It’s great to hear about the actions of our young people. What an example they have set. The team at Stepney Road have been amazing the we are very proud of what the children did.’’