North Yorkshire tourist information

Tourism advice offering you a range of help and guidance to make your visit to North Yorkshire that bit more enjoyable.

Tourism websites

Official tourism websites, provided by our district and borough council partners and City of York, will provide you with more guidance for visiting North Yorkshire.

There are a number of Tourist Information Centres in North Yorkshire, who can help you make your visit even more enjoyable.

Visit Welcome to Yorkshire for a larger map of locations.

We have a range of information to help you get around North Yorkshire and make the most of your visit.

Public transport

A range of public transport information is available on our website, including bus timetables, bus operator details and real time travel information.

Park and ride

Park and rides are available in Scarborough and Whitby, offering an affordable and convenient alternative to town centre parking.


North Yorkshire has a range of parking options. Numerous on-street parking places are available with different combinations of operational hours, maximum stay times and prices. Local district councils provide off-street parking.


You can find out more here about accessibility in North Yorkshire for disabled people.