North Yorkshire youth voice executive

The youth voice executive is a representative group of young people in North Yorkshire who come together to meet with senior managers and decision makers.

The group meets four times a year with the executive members of the council and the corporate director for children and young people's services, as well as leaders from district councils, the police, health and local companies.

Getting involved

Schools and various youth groups across North Yorkshire will be invited to elect representatives to the youth voice executive. However, if you are interested as an individual or know of a group that would like to be involved please email or call 01609 632170 for further information.

As a member, you will be expected to attend all of the meetings. If needed, support will be provided with transport to and from the venue.

British Youth Parliament

Members of the executive can also put themselves forward for election as a member of the British Youth Parliament. Elections are held every two years. Those elected represent the young people of North Yorkshire both regionally and nationally and they also take part in the annual House of Commons debate held in November. More information on the British Youth Council can be found here.

Youth voice day at Carlton Lodge

Children and young people from North Yorkshire took part in a number of meetings and activities at Carlton Lodge in February 2018 to look at issues that were important to them. This film is a summary of the day and stars all those who took part in the event, thank you to each and every one of them.

Youth voice day at Bewerley Park

In summer 2018, members of the North Yorkshire Youth Voice Executive attended residential training at Bewerley Park. The purpose was to help them develop the skills, confidence and understanding to represent others, and ultimately bring about positive change for children and young people in North Yorkshire.