Notices for civil marriage venue premises applications

See the latest notices for civil marriage and civil partnership ceremony venue premises applications and how to comment on a notice.


The following individuals or organisations have applied to have the premises indicated approved for the holding of civil marriage ceremonies and the registering of civil partnerships:

Applicant Premises Last date for objections
Oakwood Manor Ltd Oakwood at Ryther, Far Farm, Moor Lane, Tadcaster, LS24 9EL 30 December 2019
Romanby Golf Course Ltd Romanby Golf and Country Club, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL7 0PE 30 December 2019
Stone Trough Inn Ltd Stone Trough Inn, Kirkham Abbey, York, YO60 7JS 2 January 2020 

Viewing and commenting on a notice

The applications, together with plans of the premises, may be inspected at North Yorkshire County Council Library Headquarters, 21 Grammar School Lane, Northallerton, North Yorkshire DL6 1DF, during normal office opening hours.

For more information or to arrange to see a notice, please telephone 01609 533833.

Any objections must be made in writing, stating the reasons for objection, and sent to Neil Irving at Library Headquarters. Objections must be made by the date indicated.