Many people in North Yorkshire – and far beyond – have a huge affection for Scarborough, a result of the town’s stature as the region’s largest holiday resort.

But a much smaller number see Scarborough through a different pair of eyes because for them, it is simply ‘home’.

The attractions that draw in the seasonal crowds are not necessarily the factors that make for a positive community and while Scarborough has what it takes to attract visitors, there is also a vibrant community with residents who look after each other’s needs.

Some of those, like Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team, are as likely to be needed to help visitors as locals, but there are other groups and organisations visitors are unlikely to encounter which help to bind the town’s community together. The MRT fulfil the same sort of vital role as Scarborough’s RNLI lifeboat crews, who have been volunteering to help others for more than two centuries, repeatedly proving their bravery along the way.

Scarborough’s image as a home, rather than a visitor destination, appears to be changing, with reports of increasing demand from outsiders wanting to move to the seaside.

That may be partly a ‘coronavirus effect’ as remote working has accelerated, increasing the possibilities of living and working away from major commercial centres.

However, it is also testament to the town’s appeal – with wide-ranging facilities and geography that includes dramatic coastline and sprawling moorland.

Those who do make their home in Scarborough will find a rich network of support, particularly from residents who share the wider North Yorkshire philosophy of looking after each other.

Cllr Janet Jefferson, who represents the town, said there was a tremendous community spirit, with public involvement ranging from supporting tenants and policing meetings to a New Year’s Day dip in the sea.

She said: “Most people have happy memories of Scarborough because it is – and always has been – such a great place to visit.

“Those who live here also know it is a great place to call home and much of that is down to the residents themselves.

“There is a great variety of work done that ensures Scarborough is a thriving and vibrant community where people can enjoy everyday life, rather than just holidays.

“People are always ready to stand up and do what they can to provide help when it is needed,” she said.

You can find out more about the Scarborough lifeboat.