We are one of 18 councils asking the government to work with us to deliver One Yorkshire devolution, with benefits for the whole region.

One coherent economy

The Yorkshire region is geographically diverse – encompassing cities, towns, countryside and coast – but it is also a coherent economic area with shared economic challenges and opportunities.

One shared identity

One Yorkshire devolution has strong local support from residents, businesses, 18 local councils and the Sheffield City Region Mayor. The strength of the region’s identity is well known and according to the independent economic study, 75% of people in the region identify with Yorkshire – more than any other region in the country. This is also backed by business, who overwhelmingly see brand Yorkshire as an important driver of international trade and tourism according to business, and is recognised globally.

One historic opportunity

Yorkshire-level devolution could make a significant impact in realising economic benefits for the whole region, including transport, exports, inward investment and higher level skills.

The proposals are intended as the first step in transferring more powers and funding from Whitehall to Yorkshire. They would provide:

  • a £3.75 billion investment fund over 30 years to boost Yorkshire’s economy and raise living standards in rural, urban and coastal communities;
  • control of adult skills funding to ensure local skills provision responds to local needs;
  • responsibility for bus franchising in the region and the creation of a single, Yorkshire-wide smart ticketing system enabling people to travel easily between all of our rural, coastal and urban areas;
  • a new £500 million devolved housing investment fund to stimulate house-building and regeneration;
  • 100% of business rates generated in the region stay in the region; and
  • local control of programmes and budgets to address unemployment, in-work poverty and health barriers to work – targeted local delivery of such programmes has already seen better success rates than one-size-fits-all national schemes.

The One Yorkshire devolution proposals

The One Yorkshire devolution proposals aim to:

  • ensure that the decisions which affect Yorkshire are made in Yorkshire – not in Whitehall
  • create more investment in the areas that would make the biggest difference to Yorkshire’s economy
  • enable Yorkshire to play its full part in the UK’s post-Brexit economic success

The One Yorkshire governance proposals are:

  • a directly-elected One Yorkshire Mayor;
  • supported by a One Yorkshire Combined Authority with representation from all 18 partner councils;
  • delivering a One Yorkshire local industrial strategy, focusing on our shared economic opportunities and challenges;
  • with strengthened, transparent local enterprise partnerships providing private sector leadership and focus in functional economic areas and sub-regional economies.