Otley Road and Beech Grove, Harrogate, active travel improvement schemes

We are currently reviewing a series of proposed Active Travel Schemes across Harrogate in order to encourage the take up of walking and cycling.

You can view an interactive map showing all the current and proposed schemes across Harrogate.

We have recently delivered the first phase of the National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) on Otley Road to create a new cycleway, alongside a number of signalised junction improvements across the route to improve safety and address congestions along this key route. The next phase of this scheme is on Otley Road between the junctions of Cold Bath Road/Arthurs Avenue and Beech Grove.

A consultation event took place on the design for these proposals in May 2022. Following on from the delivery of Phase 1, we reflected on the feedback received from that event to review the designs already prepared for this next phase. This was to ensure the scheme was thoroughly considered as part of the wider strategic vision for Harrogate. This led to the identification of a short section of shared footway and cycleway between Victoria Road and Beech Grove, which could be too narrow to encourage use of the cycleway.

The lapsing of the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order on Beech Grove for the modal filter in August 2022 led to a review of how proposals here link to the wider strategic vision across Harrogate for sustainable transport infrastructure and link to the next phase of the Otley Road Cycleway.

We are seeking views on the options we have for the cycleway alongside the linked proposals for Beech Grove. Either option for Beech Grove can work with each option for National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) phase 2.

The following options are available for you to consider for both National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) and the development of Beech Grove:

National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) Options

  1.  The existing proposal on Otley Road for phase 2 (pdf / 2 MB)
  2.  An alternative route for phase 2 using Victoria Road (pdf / 409 KB)
  3.  An alternative route for phase 2 using Queens Road (pdf / 945 KB)

Beech Grove Options

  1.  Modal filters on Beech Grove with one-way on Victoria Road (pdf / 378 KB)
  2.  One-way arrangements on Beech Grove and Victoria Road (pdf / 515 KB)

We would like to hear your comments on which option for both National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) and Beech Grove would encourage you to take up more walking and cycling in the area.

Please send your comments through to Area6.Boroughbridge@northyorks.gov.uk using ‘National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) Phase 2 Consultation’ in the title of your email or letter. Postal comments are to be sent to:

Highways and Transportation
Area 6 Boroughbridge Office
Stump Cross
YO51 9HU

 This consultation will run from 24 October until 28 November 2022.

There is also a consultation taking place at the same time, related to the Active Travel Fund for the Oatland Drive / The Saints are of Harrogate. This is a separate engagement, as it is a wider consultation of potential active travel options for the area.

You can take part on the Oatland Drive / The Saints consultation here.