The strategy will underpin our plans to 2020 and beyond for the provision of care and support where people live.

You have told us that older people want more control and choice over their support; want to live independent lives in their own homes; and want to remain part of their local communities for longer. We have used the feedback from local people as well as from district and parish councils and housing providers to help us develop the strategy.

The strategy sets out our proposed approach of working with a wide range of partners and local communities to deliver better results for people and value for money, with a focus on how it can help people live within the community for longer with the appropriate support.

Key proposals

The strategy's key proposals are that by 2020 we will have:

  • Developed local accommodation, services and activities which will enable people to be safe and live independently at home for as long as possible;
  • Improved the way people can choose, buy and fit equipment and Telecare so that more people can live independently at home;
  • Expanded the number of extra care housing schemes across the county and developed community hubs in some of these schemes;
  • Explored different models of accommodation, such as Homeshare, to see if they might be beneficial for some North Yorkshire residents;
  • Increased the availability and choice of accommodation and services for people with:
    • complex needs;
    • mental health issues;
    • learning disabilities;
    • physical disabilities;
    • sensory impairment;
    • autism;
    • young people with disabilities moving from childhood into adulthood; and
    • age-related frailty and disability.
  • Established a regular basis for involving people who use these services now, or in the future, including people already living in extra care housing, in having their say about services.

Read the care and support where I live strategy

You can  read the care and support where I live strategy here (pdf / 926 KB).

There is also an easy read version and a plain English version available.

The need for the strategy

The strategy was developed to respond to the increasing numbers of people needing care and support where they live. By 2020 nearly a quarter of North Yorkshire's residents will be over 65 and the number of people predicted to have dementia will have increased by more than 20 per cent.

We are committed to ensuring that high quality, sustainable accommodation with care and support is available across North Yorkshire for older and vulnerable people, so they have choices about the accommodation available to them. This must also support the needs of the next generation of people who will need care and support where they live.

The strategy also responds to the requirements of the Care Act 2014, which is the most significant change to adult social care legislation in over 60 years and will shape future practice. A key element is that people should have choice and control over how their needs are met, including where they live.

Contribution to 2020 North Yorkshire

The strategy will play an important part in helping us to deliver our 2020 North Yorkshire vision. This is the approach that will result in better, modernised ways of working for our services. This vision also contains plans to help us achieve the budget savings required from cuts to funding. We have had to cut our spending by £94million over the last four years and have to save another £74million over the next four years, £21.5million of which will be delivered by health and adult services. This will be achieved by new and better ways of working, including partnerships with the NHS, other organisations, and local communities.