Our challenge, your services, your say: budget consultation

Your services, your say: give your views on our budget for next year.

Your services, your say: give your views on our budget for next year.

As part of our annual budget consultation we’re inviting people to have their say on our council plan priorities, setting council tax for next year and our longer term plans.

Give us your views

Alternative formats are available on request by contacting our customer service team.

Deadline for comments

Take part by Monday 17 January to make sure your comments are included when the budget is discussed at the full council meeting at the end of January.

This is the last year of the County Council before local government reorganisation leads to the merger of the county and seven district and borough councils in to a single new authority. Our approach in this final year is still as ambitious for our residents as ever, and we are committed to ensuring strong foundations for the new organisation.

However, our services and those of the new council are facing considerable challenges. The coming years will provide a tough fiscal climate of post Covid-19 financial recovery and unprecedented service demand pressures. This is particularly acute in children’s services, adult social care and care markets, with demand further compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are currently developing our Council Plan and budget and want your views on our ambitions, priorities and budget.

Council plan

The council plan sets out our priorities and actions for the next year. It includes our vision and values, our key ambitions and explains how we intend to deliver services that meet the needs of people in North Yorkshire.

To achieve this, the plan identifies five key ambitions:


Supporting Outcomes

Leading for North Yorkshire

A confident North Yorkshire championing the case for a fairer share of resources for our communities.

Working with partners and local communities to improve health and economic outcomes for North Yorkshire.

Reducing the causes and impacts of climate change, now and for future generations

Resilient, resourceful and confident communities co-producing with the County Council.

Every child and young person has the best possible start in life

A Safe Life: protected and free from harm

A happy family life: Strong families and vibrant communities

A healthy life: Safe and healthy lifestyles

Achieving: High aspirations, opportunities & achievements.

Every adult has a longer, healthier and independent life

People are safe, with individuals, organisations and communities all playing a part in preventing, identifying and reporting neglect or abuse. 

People have control and choice in relation to their health, independence and social care support. 

People can access good public health services and social care across our different communities.

North Yorkshire is a place with a strong economy & a commitment to sustainable growth

A larger business base and increased number of good quality jobs in North Yorkshire.

People across the county have equal access to economic opportunities

Increased overall average median wage

Innovative and forward thinking Council

Easy and effective access to County Council services.

Challenging ourselves to change, innovate and deliver value for money support services to improve the customer experience.

A motivated and agile workforce working efficiently and effectively to drive innovation.

Operating on a commercial basis, where this is prudent and appropriate, to deliver a return which supports service delivery to those most in need.

See the full council plan here.

We are currently refreshing our council plan for 2022 to 2023.


This remains a time of considerable financial pressure and uncertainty for the county council with factors such as the ongoing effects of the Covid pandemic; demand pressure, particularly in social care; major issues around workforce; and inflation all contributing to a challenging financial environment. 

The Chancellor of the Exchequer in his autumn statement made some recognition of this with new grant funding for local authorities. The detail of how this grant will be allocated to councils has not yet been released but we estimate this might give us an additional £10 million in 2022/23.

This is clearly welcome but just to put this in context we forecast that our cost base (including prices, pay and the increase in employer’s National Insurance rate) will cost us over £19m next year which clearly outstrips this additional funding.

In addition we are seeing exceptional cost pressure around social care placements with an average residential placement for an older person already costing £39,100 per year (up from £31500 In 2018).      

Demand is also rising, particularly in areas like services for children and older people. For example, around 1,500 new adult social care packages will be purchased this year and the number of Education Health and Care Plans has more than doubled in the last five years.

At last year’s budget we estimated that there would be a recurring (ie in every year thereafter) budget gap of just over £18m up until 2023/24. Our latest projections now estimate that this gap, despite the additional funding referred to above, has now increased to over £22m and is likely to deteriorate further in future years. Local government reorganisation will impact upon these projections as a new North Yorkshire Council is created by April 2023 but these financial pressures are likely to be inherited by the new council.

In terms of council tax the Chancellor confirmed that the general rate can be increased by up to 2% and adult social care can be supported with a further 1% increase in council tax, known as the social care precept. In addition, we have permission to apply up to an additional 1.5% of social care precept ‘carried over’ from the current year but, if not used this year, then that additional flexibility is lost.

In short, this means we could increase council tax by between 0 and 4.5% without triggering the need for a local referendum. To put this in context a 1% increase raises around £3.3m. A 4.5% increase would make the biggest savings reduction (down to £13m) but savings are still estimated to be required under all options. A key part of this consultation will be to gauge your opinion on the appropriate level of council tax uplift.