The Covid-19 Outbreak Control Plan is our approach to managing the next stage of the pandemic in North Yorkshire.

Using local knowledge, experience and expertise it aims to prevent, manage and eliminate the virus over time as part of the national Test and Trace programme.

Led by our Director of Public Health, this will see public health experts work with the NHS, Public Health England, the community and voluntary sector and other local government colleagues to support individuals, communities, businesses, education and care homes settings to understand how to prevent outbreaks via good hygiene and social distancing measures. It also sets out how the county will respond when outbreaks occur and the measures necessary to shut them down.

Covid-19 prohibition orders

As part of our role in managing the virus, we issue prohibition orders to prevent events that do not adhere to the latest government guidance and could result in the virus spreading. Applicants have the right to appeal directions we issue.

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Plan and appendices

Appendix 1 Care home and Education settings

Appendix 2 High risk location

Appendix 4 Contact tracing

Appendix 6 Vulnerable people

Appendix 7 Local Governance

Appendix 9 Communications Strategy