NHS partners, the police, the fire and rescue service, business leaders, charities and union officials all back our proposal for a single new council.

Analysis of public feedback also demonstrates strong support for preserving the brand and values of North Yorkshire and the importance of keeping it intact.

You can read more detail in  the good deal of local support for our proposal (pdf / 5 MB) (pdf / 5 MB) which we submitted to government as part of the bid. 

As well as protecting the City of York - which does not support the plan to split the county - as it stands and having a single strong voice for the county at a critical time.

See City of York Council's submission to government

Alongside demonstrating a good deal of local support, a number of key themes emerged from the conversations and correspondence with partners, businesses and the public:

Strong brand and identity is crucial

  • Businesses rely on the brand of North Yorkshire, which is globally recognised, and residents feel they strongly belong to the county and want to retain and build on this identity.
  • 89 per cent of people in our telephone survey felt they ‘very strongly’ or ‘strongly’ belonged to North Yorkshire.
  • In our focus group conversations, people declared themselves ‘proud’ to be from North Yorkshire and 87 per cent of respondents agreed that North Yorkshire has a strong identity which helps attract tourism and investment to the county.

North Yorkshire needs a strong voice to speak up for the county

  • In order to support economic recovery, drive the rural powerhouse and tackle our challenges, North Yorkshire must be able to represent itself strongly at the highest levels. The big issues in people’s lives – jobs, housing, transport – need a strong council to tackle them.
  • The public wants a new council to prioritise economic regeneration, internet connectivity, public transport, affordable housing and the environment. These important issues, which make such a difference to people’s health, wellbeing and life experience, can only be effectively tackled at scale with the resources of a large effective council. This is particularly important when it comes to ensuring the sustainability of the county’s most rural communities.

Local must be at the heart of a new council

  • An understanding of place and the local delivery of services matter to people.
  • 80 per cent of respondents agreed that our proposal for 25 community networks in market town areas would be a good idea to help businesses, people, health, police, council and local voluntary groups to work together on local priorities.

Simpler and more cost effective is better

  • People want to see services that are easier to access and good value for money.

Minimum disruption is essential to protect vulnerable people and high-performing services

  • People do not want to see unnecessary disruption to our outstanding services, particularly during and after the Covid-19 response. 76 per cent of respondents in our telephone survey were in favour of not breaking up the existing high-quality children’s and adults’ services by splitting the county into more than one.