Overnight short breaks for families with disabled children and young people

A consultation on changes to the provision of overnight short breaks for families with disabled children and young people.

We provide a range of short break services for disabled children and their families, including day time and overnight care for disabled children, in their own homes and elsewhere. We support those who provide care for them, both at times of crises and with their family life.

Information on short breaks for disabled children and young people, including our short breaks statement, is available here.

Demand from children and families to use the overnight short breaks at the Ghyll children’s resource centre in Skipton has fallen in recent years and is predicted to fall further. We need to ensure that the services we provide replicate a home-like environment and continue the current high quality experience. This is very difficult when such a small number of children are using the facilities. 

We have already been working to transform the short break service for disabled children and families, with the development of hubs to provide a range of both day and overnight care, holiday programmes, specialist foster carers and more personalised budgets. The proposal includes a plan for further investment in the Nidderdale children’s resource centre in Harrogate, to maximise accommodation for overnight short breaks for those children currently using the Ghyll children’s resource centre and Beck House. If the plans go ahead, social workers will work with families to review their support and ensure any changes to overnight short breaks are well managed for the young people involved.

Consultation documents

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You can also read some frequently asked questions and answers on the consultation:

    What is the offer of transport / clarity on transport provision? Will transport to alternative bases for provision be paid for?

    Transport for existing overnight users of The Ghyll will be provided by the council, or financial support will be offered to families if they prefer to transport themselves.

    Will transport be appropriately staffed with trained escorts?

    Where transport is provided trained escorts will be provided as appropriate.

    Are there any families who meet the short breaks criteria awaiting services in Skipton?

    There are some families who are awaiting day care services in the Skipton area. Some families are trying to find PAs for direct payments. The number of children without services in Skipton is very small.

    What is the outreach offer?

    The outreach offer will replicate some of the day care offered by The Ghyll, such as after school breaks, weekend day care and holiday day care. The service will be able to provide support in the community accessing activities, and to deliver short term pieces of targeted work to address individual needs.

    How many staff will make up the outreach team?

    We will review the numbers of children who will need an outreach service and will ensure that there are sufficient staff to ensure a safe service. If the decision is made to close The Ghyll consultation will take place with staff about the outreach service and the numbers of staff we think will be needed.

    Where will the base be for outreach provision and what facilities will be available?

    We are exploring a number of options for a base, and we will continue to have the use of the Ghyll building for the foreseeable future if the proposal is approved.

    Will tea breaks still be available?

    If there is an assessed need for a service after school then this will be offered through the outreach service.

    Will you have sufficient foster carers recruited for special needs placements?

    The fostering service will target recruitment of carers in Craven for those young people whose needs could be met in a family.

    What will happen if service demand within Skipton increases again in the future?

    If there is significant increased demand for overnight short breaks within Craven, these will be offered at Nidderdale, or by foster carers. If the demand for day care support increases locally then services will be reviewed and commissioned accordingly.

    Will the criteria for short breaks provision be reviewed?

    We have no plans at present to review the eligibility criteria.

    Will transport time be part of the allotted respite time?

    We would take this into account, to ensure that families still experience a meaningful short break.

    What will happen if staff begin to leave the Ghyll and there aren’t enough staff to keep it open until the proposed amendments to the Nidderdale site have been completed?

    Overnights at Nidd or Beck will be offered in the event that we cannot safely operate at The Ghyll. We aim to maintain day care at The Ghyll.

    Will the newly developed Nidderdale site include a sensory room?

    Yes a sensory room is part of the plans.

    Give us your views

    You can give us feedback on the consultation through our online survey:

    Give us your views

    Deadline for comments

    You should give us your views on these proposals by 19 June 2018.

    Consultation events

    We are holding the following consultation events where you can find out more about the proposals and provide feedback.

    • Monday 26 March 2018 at the Rendezvous Hotel, Skipton from 1.30pm to 3.30pm and 6pm to 7.30pm
    • Monday 23 April 2018 at the Cedar Court Hotel, Harrogate from 1.30pm to 3.30pm and 6pm to 7.30pm

    There will also be a follow up consultation event on Monday 18 June 2018 at the Rendezvous Hotel, Skipton from 1.30pm to 3pm to provide additional information relating to questions raised in the earlier events.

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