Students can apply for a paid bus pass if they are not entitled to free school transport to a school or assistance with transport to a sixth form or college.

Due to the Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations, it remains uncertain if we will be in a position to continue selling passes on some of our services that have more than 22 seats from September 2022. You should only apply for a pass if you understand and accept that you may need to make your own arrangements for your child to travel beyond July 2022.

The Department for Transport has issued further guidance, which will enable some operators to apply for a temporary exemption to these Regulations from September 2022. Regardless of whether you are applying for the first time or have had a pass before, you should not assume that you will be able to buy a pass from us in the future. We advise you to prepare an alternative method of transport to get your child to school, in the event that we are not permitted to sell passes on those services that could be affected.

View the report that went to our Executive Committee in May 2020.

We can only accept applications for the 2022/23 academic year. The sale of passes beyond for subsequent academic years cannot be guaranteed at this time.

Can I apply for a paid bus pass?

Paid bus passes are available for students to purchase if they are not entitled to our assistance with transport to a school, sixth form or college.

Fees for 2022-23

  Full permit Single journey Two days per week One day per week

Reception to year 11





Transport to sixth form or college £650 N/A N/A N/A

Upper Wharfedale School (services 981C, 986C and 987C)





Nidderdale High School (services 736H and 739H)  £600 £480 £240 £120

Other options are available when applying online.

When to apply

Apply for a paid bus pass and pay online by direct debit: 

Apply now for 2022-23

We currently only accept payment online by direct debit. Payment details will be taken during application and you will be given the option to pay the full amount or by monthly direct debits. The first payment is taken in October, with the final payment taken in June. Payment will only be taken if your application is successful. 

What happens after you apply

We will review and check the availability on your chosen service(s) and once the transport request has been approved, a permit will be issued and payment will then be taken.

We may not know availability of your chosen service(s) until mid to late August, therefore we strongly advise you to have an alternative transport option in place should your application be unsuccessful.

If you have submitted your application part way through the academic year you require the transport for, it may take up to two weeks to process your application and you will need to make your own arrangements until you receive the bus pass.

Bus routes

Visit our timetable information page to check which buses serve your area and when.

Further information

Our preferred method for receiving payment is online, but if you are unable to pay online, you can pay by telephone.

Apply and pay by telephone

Apply and pay by telephone if you wish to pay in full via a debit or credit card payment or if you wish to set up direct debit instalments. Please contact integrated passenger transport by telephone on 01609 536148.

You can request a replacement bus pass online if your school or college bus pass has been damaged, lost or stolen. Find out how to request a replacement bus pass here.

If you no longer require your bus pass you must return it to us as soon as possible.

To cancel a paid bus pass, the pass or passes must be returned to us at the address below. We recommend that you use a recorded delivery service as proof of postage may be requested in the event that the pass is not received. You will remain responsible for the cost of the permit until the date we receive it.

Please note, you are unable to cancel transport assistance to sixth form or college after 1 April.

The address for returns and refund consideration is:

North Yorkshire County Council
FAO Integrated Passenger Transport
County Hall

Please note, by applying for a paid bus pass, you are agreeing to have read, understood and that you will abide by our terms and conditions.

You can view the terms and conditions here