We carry out a financial assessment to decide how much you will pay for the social care services you receive.

If you have savings and/or capital of £23,250 or more, (this figure is set by central government each year), you will be asked to pay the full cost of providing the services you receive.

It is important that you seek information and advice to ensure that you make the right choices about your care and how you pay for it before your enter into any arrangements.

All financial help is based on strength based assessment. You will only be entitled to receive funded support if you have eligible care needs. There is an online screening tool to help people understand their care and support needs. Completing our online self-assessment form is a quick and easy way to find out if you may need to pay for your care. However, please do not let the results of the self-assessment form put you off asking for support.

Complete a financial assessment or check if you may have to pay towards care

The form is in two parts:

  1. An eligibility checker to see if a person might have to pay for, or towards, their care. This can be completed prior to a strength based assessment.
  2. A full online assessment with all details which gives an indication of how much a person pays. This is then submitted to a BACS officer to be checked. 

Using the form means you can start the financial assessment process straight away and provide all the information needed without waiting for a one-to-one assessment. It also means you can do the assessment at home at a time which suits you. 

If you do not want to use the online form, your care co-ordinator can ask a benefits and assessments officer to visit you to complete a financial assessment. The officer will also make sure that you are receiving all the welfare benefits you are entitled to.

It will be helpful to have the following information available when the financial assessment is completed:

  • pension statement;
  • bank or building society statements;
  • property details;
  • trust funds;
  • stocks and shares;
  • council tax;
  • rent payments;
  • fuel bills; and
  • water bills.

Frequently asked questions

After you have done the online self-assessment or had a one-to-one assessment, the benefits and assessments officer will confirm the weekly charge for your care in writing and arrange for you to receive invoices on a four-weekly basis. The officer will also deal with any applications for welfare benefits.

The financial assessment is usually carried out on your income alone. However, in some circumstances it may be better to consider a couple's income (you and your husband/wife/partner).

If your circumstances change, let us know. This will allow us to complete a new financial assessment or review your welfare benefits entitlement. You can also request a re-assessment at any time if your circumstances change.

Our health and adult services team is here to support you in exploring the care options available. If you think you may need some form of care and support, see the paying for social care services page.