​​​​​​​Using the correct PPE for the job is an important part of infection control. During the coronavirus pandemic it is more important than ever to understand what PPE you need for your role.

We have created this page with our Public Health and Adult Social Care teams so that care providers and workers have all the PPE information you need to support people safely. We have also included information for members of the public who may need to use PPE when using or visiting community services.

What is PPE?

PPE means any equipment or special clothing which limits or prevents the spread of infection. This includes through touching and physical contact as well as preventing transmission through breathing the same air. PPE includes things like face masks, goggles, visors, gloves, aprons and shoe coverings.  

UK Government information

The UK Government has created the Covid-19 PPE hub. This has up to date information and links to useful resources about PPE for people working in different industries. This includes an illustrative guide for community and social care settings with handy information about what PPE to wear and when.

PPE flowchart

The Public Health team in collaboration with colleagues from the NY Local Resilience Forum have created a flow chart to aid decision making/risk assessment around PPE for COVID-19. It aims to help with local interpretation of government guidelines in community health and social care settings. The flowchart covers a range of scenarios but there will be some situations outside of this guidance that require an individual risk assessment on the approach to PPE required. It should be used in conjunction with normal operational risk assessments that services will already have in place. The 5-stage flowchart covers staff self-assessment, initial risk assessment, PPE requirements for different settings, specific requirements for facilities with sustained disease transmission, and specific considerations for new admissions to adult social care settings.

View the PPE flowchart

Using PPE safely

This Public Health England video shows how to safely ‘don’ (put on) and ‘doff’ (take off) your PPE. This guidance outlines infection control for health and social care settings involving possible cases of COVID-19. You can also read some  frequently asked questions from Public Health England on wearing PPE (pdf / 191 KB).

Health and Adult Services PPE webinar

Watch a webinar recorded in December 2020 by our public health team in conversation with provider managers about the continued importance of PPE and responding to outbreaks in care homes.

PPE and the general public

Many people are now very familiar with the requirement to wear face masks to reduce the risk of transmission in the community. Most community service and health organisations will have their own additional guidelines about using PPE. If you are visiting a loved one who lives in care, you can read the current visiting guidance, including expectations around PPE here. It is a good idea to ask about PPE requirements such as wearing a face mask before any appointments you may have.

Accessible information on PPE

It is important that everyone understands how PPE can help. This easy read poster is a useful way to explain what PPE and why it matters. You can find other information in easy to read formats and different community languages on our North Yorkshire Partnerships website.


If you have any questions about any of the information on this page please contact us at HASCovidComms@northyorks.gov.uk